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Plant New Positive Habits for a life that fits.

Download the Gong Planner & Charts, mentioned in the video here:

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click here for fillable pdf version

IMPORTANT! When downloading the pdf-fillable version you must first save the workbook onto your own computer. Then open it in a pdf-reader and save the file with your name and date before you get started. If you begin filling out the workbook when it is open in a browser tab, you will lose your work.

If you want to do your Gong alongside other women, get coaching and support, find out when the next LIVE Gong Group inside TrulyU Women's Circle starts by contacting [email protected]

Meet Annika

Annika Ek R.H.N. Health & Wisdom Coach

Annika Ek is a Health & Wisdom Coach and Ph.D. student in Wisdom Studies.

Annika’s work is guided by the following 3 words; Health, Wisdom and Impact. Keep reading and you will understand why.

Annika discovered that weaving together Health and Wisdom sets the stage for powerful and lasting shifts with regards to health and healing at all levels of our being, and being on the evolutionary path.

Annika works with women, most of them are 40+ and business owners. When heart-centered female entrepreneurs come together in community, to invest in their health, and make space for a consistent wisdom practice that guides and inspires, the stage is set for powerful positive Impact in the world.

Annika hosts the private community TrulyU Women’s Circle, where she teaches on the topic of Health with a focus on anti-inflammatory eating and living. Under the Wisdom banner we learn about wisdom teachings from around the world and through the history. Inside the community we can accomplish together what would not be possible alone.