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Health & Meaning Special Offers

NOTE: Bonuses may expire at earlier date, see below.  


SILVER includes:

  • SAGE SCHOOL - Health & Wisdom Essentials for Women Midlife and Beyond is a live 8-week course starting January 2023. Reg. $697 - Now open for early enrollment, see details below.

  • BONUS! Gong December 2022 - 4 live meetings where you plant new positive habits while in community. Reg. $99 (Bonus Expires Friday, Dec 9 at midnight PT)see details below.

  • BONUS! Cold & Flu Self-study Course Reg. $97 (Bonus Extended - Expires Tuesday, Dec 6 at midnight PT)

  • BONUS! One year in TrulyU Women’s Circle Reg. $297 - invitation to take Sage School again at discount and more!

  • TOTAL VALUE: $1190

  • SPECIAL OFFER: $597 (Save $593)

  • Pay in Full Or Pay in 3 Installments


    GOLD includes everything in SILVER plus:

  • 6 x 45 min private coaching sessions incl. Functional Nutrition Intake, Food + Lifestyle App for accountability, unlimited chat access between meetings for quick questions and updates. Reg. $1197 NOTE: First come basis since I only have a few private coaching spots open.

  • TOTAL VALUE: $2387

  • SPECIAL OFFER: $1297 (Save $1090)

  • Pay in Full Or Pay in 3 Installments

  • Sage School

    Sage School is a live 8-week course for Women Midlife and Beyond where we learn how Health & Wisdom is our foundation for leading a lives that are filled with Meaning and Impact. 

    This is some of what the course includes and leads to:

  • Exploration why self-care is often so hard for women... this understanding will set us up for deep shifts.

  • Foundation on how to establish a Wisdom Practice that fits you at this time in your life. Together we will fill our Wisdom Tool Boxes with empowering wisdom practices to draw upon when we need connection, clarity, creativity, and resilience.... especially when we do hard things.

  • We will study basic physiology and learn what our bodies as a women midlife and beyond need to thrive.

  • We will explore why Eating, Cooking & Living Anti-inflammatory is such a powerful and gentle approach that also keeps us away from fad diets.

  • Learn my method “Fluid Functional Cooking” so you can prepare easy, healthy and tasty meals "by Heart" without long shopping lists and complicated recipes.

  • As a student you will increase outer and inner agency in your life.

  • Eight live 75 minute long classes with time for questions - Starting Tuesday, January 17, 2023 at 4 pm EST. Recordings and Deepening Practices will be posted inside community (not facebook) within 24 hours.

  • Eight live "Office Hours" to drop in to ask questions, connect with other students and do our homework together. Weekly on Thursdays at 4 pm EST.

  • A positive environment where you can evolve at all levels of your being within a supportive community of women evolving right alongside you. :-)

  • Gong December 2022

    This BONUS Expires on Friday, December 9 at midnight PT.

    Our Gong is a Group Accountability Event with Four Live Group Session. The Gong gives us a container where we can design, plant and nourish new positive habits. The Gong framework we use draws upon ancient wisdom teachings and modern neuroscience to set us up for success.

  • Our first meeting is on Wednesday, Dec 14 at 4 pm EST. The purpose of this meeting is to help you fine tune your new habit so you can be successful. It is also an opportunity to meet fellow Gong participants.

  • Our second meeting takes place on December 21, We will have a Winter Solstice Ceremony and celebrate Day 1 of our 21 Day Gong.

  • We Meeting three and four takes place on January 4 and 11 and is an opportunity for members to share updates, what worked, what was hard and get coaching & community support.

  • We'll have an online community for updates and support between live meetings.

  • What Other's Are Saying...

    What Annika's coaching and course students are saying.

    Woman avatar

    "This course is getting me ready for my next chapter"

    “When I joined Sage School - Health & Wisdom Essentials for Women Midlife and Beyond, I was not feeling connected to my body and I did not feel like me anymore. My inside and outside did not match. I was tired of doing things that did not work and I had stopped trying.

    Annika's course has taught me to accept and understand that I am not broken, I just need to change my perspective.
     I have learned that awareness comes before change. I also felt accepted and supported by others in the group.

    I am planning to transition in my career soon and want to get back in control of my life, be an even better role model for my son and contribute through philanthropic work. This course is getting me ready for my next chapter.”

    Sue, Ottawa

    "This course opened me to new ways of thinking with regards to my nutritional needs."

    "Annika's course was a lovely journey of discovery for me!

    Even though I had a good foundation in place to support my overall wellbeing, taking this course opened me to new ways of thinking in regards to my nutritional needs; taking a balanced and holistic approach to cooking; exploring new spiritual practices; and understanding the many ways that life unfolds and the choices we get to make as it happens.

    Being in a community of supportive women is always wonderful, and I found the whole experience enlightening and inspiring! 

    Cindy Morris, Women's Peace, Calm and Happiness Coach and Conscious Movement Practitioner 

    Sherry Hogan English

    "The wisdom practices I learned stopped me in my tracks and let me connect with Me."

    Annika’s course was very impactful for me! The wisdom practices I learned stopped me in my tracks and let me connect with Me. This is something I use throughout my day and week to chill and get reconnected.

    I would like to take care of myself better and the nutritional and cooking information was very helpful for me. I now think differently about how and what I eat.

    I really loved Annika as a course leader and coach.
     She is very centred, calm and well organized. I felt really safe learning these new things.

    One of the biggest things was the community support.

    If you have any way to take this course, I highly recommend it, do it, you’ll love it! There are so many aspects of it, you’ll find many things that are perfect just for you.

    Sherry Hogan English, Certified High Performance Coach

    Got questions or want to meet? Email [email protected]

    "I learned to listen to myself, and trust myself..."

    Prior to this course, I was all over the place in my life. I was anxious and overwhelmed. This course taught me how to mediate at the beginning of each day to get focused and calm.

    I learned how to listen to myself, and trust myself
    . Learning how to acknowledge my negativity and anxiety and then bring out positivity has really changed my day to day living. I am calmer and more focused.

    Barrie, Kentucky

    "Her advice is priceless..."

    “I have been receiving health and wisdom advice from Annika for the past three years. Her dedication and hard work is like no other coach I have ever experienced.

    If I could give her a 10 out of five stars I would. She has helped me with my health and diet, as well as with my wisdom practice. Her advice is priceless and worth every penny I invested in myself.“

    Marie-Claire, Ottawa

    Got questions or want to meet? Email [email protected]m

    Meet Annika

    Annika Ek R.H.N. is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist using a functional lens and a focus on anti-inflammatory eating, cooking and living. She is also a Ph.D. student in Wisdom Studies at Ubiquity University. Through her own health challenges and those of her clients, Annika knows what it takes to reach for vibrant health in body, mind and soul for women over 40. She loves playing with her dog Miro, knitting sweaters, and eating berries & dark chocolate.

    I hope to see you on the "inside"!

    Annika Ek sitting at desk
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