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Attention women:


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  • What good is knowing what to do for better health and fitness if you are not able to make your intentions stick?

  • In her video training "Plant New Positive Habits for 2021", Annika presents her unique framework to make new positive habits take root, so you can have the better health, vitality and strength you really want without relying on willpower.

  • Annika's method combines gems from ancient wisdom traditions with modern neuroscience for powerful impact in shaping our lives.


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  • Reducing chronic inflammation in our bodies is the best thing we can do for ourselves for better health today and for years to come.

  • Studies show that inflammation is at the core of most chronic and degenerative disease, and it makes us  tired, achy, brain foggy and speeds aging.

  • Get my best tips on how to give your everyday meals an anti-inflammatory upgrade. Learn what's in and what's out in your kitchen, superpower ingredients to eat everyday, and how to put together a salad for max health (and taste), and more!

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Meet Annika

Annika Ek

Annika Ek RHN Functional Nutritionist & Wisdom Coach

Annika Ek is a Functional Nutritionist and Wisdom Coach. She is a Ph.D. student in Wisdom Studies and practices and studies Evolutionary Astrology.

Annika’s work is guided by the following 3 words; Health, Wisdom and Impact. Keep reading and you will understand why.

Annika discovered that weaving together Health and Wisdom sets the stage for powerful and lasting shifts with regards to health and healing at all levels of our being, and being on the evolutionary path.

Annika works with women, most of them are 40+ and business owners. When heart-centered female entrepreneurs come together in community, to invest in their health, and make space for a consistent wisdom practice that guides and inspires, the stage is set for powerful positive Impact in the world.

Annika hosts the private community TrulyU Women’s Circle, where she teaches on the topic of Health with a focus on anti-inflammatory eating and living. Under the Wisdom banner we learn about wisdom teachings from around the world and through the history. Inside the community we can accomplish together what would not be possible alone.

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